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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Guess the Quote

A Measure of Media Bias argues that a media outlet's ideological slant can be determined by which policy groups they quote. My major complaint about citations of think tanks isn't the fact that they're used with bias, it's that they are almost never informative. Not only do these quotes not inform me about the subject matter in question, but I usually already know the think tank's opinion. For example, today's NYT quotes U.S. PIRG on the new energy bill. Can you guess which of three quotes is real?

"...we applaud the tax subsidies. The next step is to eliminate double taxation by getting rid of the corporate income tax."

"...the bill allows big oil companies to pollute water supplies, plunder the Treasury and attack our coastlines."

"'s about time the government encouraged nuclear power plants. France has shown nuclear power is safe and efficient. We don't want to fall behind Iran and North Korea."

You can check here.


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